Baby inflatable water cushion


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•  Recommended for children aged 3–36 months
•  Helps develop muscles and prevent flat head
•  Floating toys improve sensory development
•  Follows EN71 safety guidelines
•  Hard-wearing PVC plastic is leakproof

Playing on mat helps develop muscles and prevent flat head shape
Lay your baby on their stomach to protect the back of their head.
They’ll strengthen their neck, arms and legs as they move around.
Filled with floating toys to encourage natural curiosity
The foam marine animals keep babies entertained for hours while improving their sensory development.
Meets European EN71 safety standards
The mat is in line with strict guidelines, so it’s safe for playtime.
Made from durable and leak-proof PVC

The thick plastic is resistant to biting and popping.

Please note: Do not over-inflate, and the air saturation should not exceed 85%. In addition, please avoid contact with sharp objects, touch and keep away from the fire source.

Portable with straightforward and speedy assembly
Simply fill with water and inflate the outer rim. It folds away neatly when deflated and drained.
Eye-catching sea-themed graphics captivate toddlers
The lively colors and patterns grab baby’s attention and keep them amused.
Usage and Care
Use the nozzle on the back of the play mat to fill with water. The water level can be increased or decreased to create the desired effect.
Use the nozzle on the rim to inflate with air. It can be inflated without the use of a pump.

Brand: GGbell
Origin: China
Certification: CE
Material: PVC plastic
Thickness: 2cm/0.8in
Recommended age: 3–36 months

Package Contents
1 × Inflatable play mat


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