LED Cabinet Light


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Hand scan sensor
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Motion sensing
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Name: LED Cabinet Light
Light color: warm white; white light
Power supply: USB charging

Note: The induction mode is only used in the dark, and cannot be used in a bright environment

PIR human motion sensing style

Size: 15cm 10leds; 21cm 14leds; 30cm 20leds; 50cm 30leds
Switch: button + motion sensor
Sensing angle: about 120°
Sensing distance: about 3m

Press the switch

Press once: constant light mode
Press twice: the light will flash twice, and then enter the induction mode (only work in dark mode)
Press three times: close

In the constant light mode:
Long press for about 3s infinite dimming; long press for about 6s in SOS mode

Hand sweep induction style

1. This light has a hand wave sensor switch, which is an ideal solution for the kitchen. In a humid place, where you don’t want to touch the switch, wash your hands in the toilet, just wave your hand on the switch to activate the light (the working distance is 2-5 cm), waved again to close.
2. Very suitable for bedroom kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, closets, stairs
3. Lightweight and easy to install: You can use tape or magnet to stick it anywhere.

Switch type: hand sweep sensor switch
Length: 10CM 6 LED / 21CM 14 LED / 30CM 20 LED / 50CM 36 LED
Detection distance: 2-5cm
Indicator light changes: the red light is always on when charging, and the green light is always on when fully charged.

Stepless dimming

Brightness adjustment: place your hand directly under the sensor, the brightness will be adjusted


Bedroom, living room, wardrobe, cupboard, kitchen, bathroom, corridor, staircase, etc.


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