Onion vegetable slicer


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Category: SKU: 1005002297570454


Product Information

Name : FaSoLa Onion Slicer Shredder Garlic Crusher Cutter Knife Pepper Graters Chilli Vegetable Chopper Scallion Cutting Shred Tool Kitchen Accessories Free Shipping Items Kitchen Gadget Utensils for Kitchen
Material : ABS、LDPE、Stainless steel
Weight : 31g
Size : 16.2*2.7*1.3 cm

Packing List

1* Onion Slicer

Product Features

♥ Easy operation, fast cutting. Press and hold the scallion segment to stab the blade in, and cut it repeatedly to form silk.
♥ Stainless steel blade, high hardness, sharp blade, durable and no rust.
♥ With blade protection cover to avoid scratches, easy to store and use.
♥ 7 blades, which can be shredded and cut into sections. The distance between each steel knife is the same, and it can quickly cut out even shredded green onion and green onion segments.
♥ The grip is comfortable and does not slip. Non-slip handle, fits the shape of the hand, easy to control and operate.

Product Notes

● Please be careful of sharp parts of the product during operation to prevent injuries;
● After use, please wash and dry in time and put on a protective cover;
● Please do not touch open flames and corrosive liquids;
● Please do not place it in a high temperature place for a long time to prevent the handle from deforming.



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