Personalized baby name bracelet


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Choose an option
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This baby bracelet is stainless steel material with gold/silver pltaed, the chain is adjustable with extended link. Measure your baby wrist when purchase. 


How to order with engraved items
Make an order- Leave message in box or send engraving text to custom service-Pay

1:can you engrave name/logo on jewelry?

Answer 1 :yes,we can engrave words/simple sign.

2:how many letters can engrave?

we suggest the less letters the better.because the place is small to engrave.

(no more than 3 words on ring)

3:how to choose English font  ?

Check the picture of reference font .tell us number .

4:can you engrave Russian/French/Arabic or other language ?

yes,we can engrave all language .but only English text can choose font.

if you can’t type your language ,send us clear picture of them.


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